Resources Metrics

Manage the resources used by HPA so efficiently that we reduce our environmental impact and help promote regenerative systems on Hawai‘i Island and beyond.



Reach 100% renewable energy by 2030.




Strategies to Meet Goals

KULEANA responsibility

  • Define roles and responsibilities for staff responsible for resource conservation, including maintenance, energy management, and procurement.
  • Include waste, water, and energy systems in enhanced campus master plan.
  • Enhance procurement policy and procedures in order to reduce landfill.

LŌKAHI bring harmony

  • Enhance waste management infrastructure to be accessible and consistent.
  • Set up building-level sub-metering for energy, water, and generation systems and establish enhanced waste-tracking procedures.
  • Conduct energy and water audits of campus buildings and implement efficiency retrofits.
  • Transition campus to renewable energy through distributed electricity generation, battery storage, and transitioning to renewable fuels.

PILINA connectedness

  • Engage student leadership to run behavioral-change campaigns for each resource stewardship goal.
  • Conduct resource audits with students in order to understand the connection between human behavior and inefficiency.

HA‘INA share our story

  • Tell our campus sustainability story using signage & web-based dashboard.
  • Include resource stewardship goals and milestones in school communications.