Optimize our leadership and organizational culture at HPA in order to sustain our commitments.


KULEANA responsibility

  • Establish sustainability director leadership position and sustainability responsibilities for board of trustees and head of school.
  • Setup Sustainability Councils, including Konohiki Community Council, Staff Council, and Student Councils.
  • Define responsibilities and behavioral expectations for all school employees.

LŌKAHI bring harmony

  • Define annual action plans for each department.
  • Establish sustainability policies and procedures for each department.

PILINA connectedness

  • Integrate sustainability goals across HR systems, including recruitment, hiring, and staff orientation.
  • Provide annual place-based, sustainability professional development for all employees.
  • Establish collaboration days for teachers to work together on curriculum change and integration with this plan.

HA‘INA share our story

  • Implement annual sustainability communication and reporting with HPA board and the public, and be accountable for continually advancing our efforts.
  • Maintain accountability to sustainability goals by making progress readily available via public Sustainability Plan website and dashboard.
    Execute annual surveys of faculty, staff, and students.


Establish transparency in staff satisfaction reporting

Establish a robust program of staff professional development