Curriculum & Programs

Embed mālama kaiāulu into HPA’s curriculum and program structure to graduate visionary systems-thinkers and environmental change-agents.


KULEANA responsibility

  • Provide funding and time for annual sustainability professional development for each department.

PILINA connectedness

  • Integrate sustainability principles, benchmarks, and our mālama kaiāulu framework into curriculum, capstone projects, and programs.
  • Integrate sense of place, land history, service to kaiāulu, and environmental stewardship into recreational student activities.

LŌKAHI bring harmony

  • Articulate sustainability commitment in all admissions materials and processes.
  • Hold regular school-wide goal competitions and celebrations.
  • Align student code of conduct with mālama kaiāulu and teach the interconnectedness of personal actions to the broad student community.

HA‘INA share our story

  • Collaborate with other schools in the state on sustainability efforts.
  • Conduct an annual K-12 curricular survey to assess progress implementing curricular goals and mālama kaiāulu.


Report coverage of sustainability principles & benchmarks across the curriculum.