Deepen our community connections on Hawai‘i Island and maximize sustainable progress beyond HPA by sharing our work and resources.


KULEANA responsibility

  • School administration team will make necessary shifts in schedule and communication of priorities to support sustainable implementation of this plan.
  • Establish partnerships with local schools; share resources and lessons learned.
  • Maintain connected alumni network and engage with alumni in sustainability fields to support program.
  • Deepen relationships with leaders and organizations on the Hawai‘i Island working in related sustainability efforts.

LŌKAHI bring harmony

  • Establish place-based student and employee orientations.
  • Engage with Waimea municipal advocacy to support sustainability projects such as the expansion of bike paths and public transit options.

PILINA connectedness

  • Maintain and enhance community outreach and service projects.
  • Establish on-campus and off-campus service requirements.

HA‘INA share our story

  • Host public sustainability-themed events on campus, open to the community.
  • Expand outreach to global audiences using website, social media, and video.
  • Implement annual survey of service projects and hours of outreach.